free 15 minute call

This is for potential patients to see if working with Dr Lisa is a good fit. If you would like a consultation or health advice, please schedule a consultation or package. No recommendations will be made during this call.

All of Dr Lisa's services include:

• Access to her secure online patient portal •

• Access to Dr Lisa’s 10 Day and 4 Week Detox Programs •

• Access to professional-grade supplements through discounted online dispensaries •

30 minute detox consultation • $100

  • Consult with Dr Lisa to determine the best strategy for safely and effectively detoxing your system

60 minute full health consultation • $200

  • Book this appointment to consult with Dr Lisa on all of your health issues
  • You’ll receive a customized diet and supplement protocol to go with your detox program

6 weeks of working together • $600

  • 60 minute initial consultation for review of health status and goals
  • Customized diet and supplement protocol to accompany your detox program
  • 4 follow-up check-ins to trouble shoot or modify your protocol

work with dr lisa for 3 months

This is for the person who knows they have some real issues and needs some additional one-on-one time with Dr Lisa 

Here's what you'll get

  • Initial consultation, health history and review of current symptoms
  • Ordering of necessary lab work (additional charges apply)
  • Review of lab work results when they come back
  • Customized diet and supplement protocol
  • 8 Follow-up appointments
  • Private messaging between appointments in secure online portal
  • Trouble-shooting and fine-tuning protocols

This is for you if...

  • You have some chronic issues that need a doctor's expertise
  • You're able to change your diet, take supplements, and you're ready to put in the work
  • You think you may need some labs run to detect the underlying cause of your condition

This is not for you if...

  • You are in a severe disease state requiring medical intervention
  • You eat out most of your meals and have no way to change your diet
  • You are not looking for a natural and non-toxic approach

“No one wants to be on a specific diet forever, and you shouldn’t have to. But in order to heal, you have to realize that food is the foundation. Dial that in and you’re well on your way. Add in a strategically designed supplement protocol and you maximize results on your way back to health.”

– Dr Lisa Giusiana, Naturopath • Chiropractor • Holistic Health Practitioner • Applied Clinical Nutritionist